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From the moment a set of construction plans enters our office, our team of talented estimating and engineering staff is hard at work evaluating and improving the project under consideration.

At Vermont Mechanical, we look at Plan/Spec work as something that’s much more than a project that requires us to have the lowest price on bid day.  We prefer to look at each project as an opportunity for early evaluation of any potential issues or conflicts, and consider it a chance to begin offering solutions, if required, right from the start.

As part of our Plan/Spec process, we evaluate:

  • The make-up of the architectural and engineering firms who compiled the construction documents.
  • The completeness of the documents as affirmed by our in-house estimating and engineering staff.
  • The likelihood of the project successfully meeting the anticipated budget.
  • How the project would fit into our construction schedule.

Finally, once each of these areas has been considered we can accurately appoint a team that will ensure the projects greatest opportunity for success.

So, while some companies like to tell you all about their Design/Build projects and never talk about their Plan/Spec projects, at Vermont Mechanical, we recognize the value both of these processes can bring to our customers. In our eyes, each one is an opportunity to apply our talent toward a successful project completion and in return gain a satisfied customer that we can continue to serve for years to come.