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Mechanical Engineering


At Vermont Mechanical, we take a team-oriented approach to mechanical engineering. As soon as a contract is signed, we partner you with a project manager and an engineer who will work continuously with you in planning, budgeting, design, procurement and construction. During a fast-track, budget-conscious project, this approach is both efficient and cost-effective.

Identifying A Solution:

We begin each project with a skilled needs-assessment, drawing upon our experience in heating, air conditioning, ventilation, energy efficiency, piping and plumbing to identify feasible solutions. Once a preferred solution is established, we prepare a firm and fair price for your job. As experienced contractors, we know what projects should cost, and how to keep them on budget.

Fast-Track Procurement:

When the designer is part of the procurement process, it greatly accelerates project timing. We work closely with vendors to make equipment and material selections, and avoid the communication issues often arising in multi-party arrangements.

Shop-Drawing Review:

We solicit shop-drawing submittals from our vendors, review them and forward them for your final approval, usually within just a few days. Lengthy review delays are eliminated because the designer and builder are on the same team.

Digital Drafting and Design:

Our engineers and designers are equipped with the most recent codes, standards, design techniques and software. Our projects are documented using the newest CAD software with large-format document digitizing and plotting. We regularly meet and interact with designers from your other project trades, and often lead the effort to coordinate these designs.

Coordination Drawings:

Our engineering department creates detailed coordination drawings to plan the timing and placement of equipment and systems when justified by project complexity or space constraints. The coordination drawings help to assure labor productivity by eliminating common field issues.

Record Drawings:

At the conclusion of a Vermont Mechanical project, the engineering department provides and submits record drawings. As-built drawings can be done on paper or CAD to meet your requirements. Our large-format scanning also allows electronic document handling and archiving.