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March 4, 2021

Chuck Olio Celebrating 30 Years with Vermont Mechanical

Congratulations to Chuck Olio on 30 amazing years of service!

Here is a note from our President and CEO, Randy Kimball:

Few businesses have the privilege of celebrating members of their organization who have dedicated 30 years of their working life to one company. Vermont Mechanical, Inc. is now celebrating that honor for the third time. A few years back Glenn Kimball and Kelley Chase hit the 30-year mark and now, we have our third 30-year person, Chuck Olio! Chuck, who to many, is the face of Vermont Mechanical, is that person that countless customers have come to depend on in all sorts of situations.  A call to Chuck means you are in good hands. A call to Chuck means whatever situation your system is in or need that your building has, it will be taken care of by Chuck Olio.

Chuck’s start with Vermont Mechanical, Inc. on March 4, 1991 marked the beginning of great things for VMI.  Chuck quickly made a name for himself in the company. The guy who did great work, the guy who did not always need a ladder, and the guy everyone wanted on their team. He became the guy that knew where just about any valve was located at UVMMC and countless other buildings and facilities around the region.

Chuck knows piping, Chuck knows systems, Chuck or as many have referred to him as “Super Chuck” is simply too young at heart and too enthusiastic to have possibly been at this one place for 30 years yet here we are. To this day Chuck is a staunch defender of Vermont Mechanical and is the first person to jump into a crisis and the last one to leave once he has a situation under control.

We appreciate all that Chuck has done over the last 30 years!